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The Ultimate Waterfall chart in Excel

A Waterfall chart is stacked column chart that shows the incremental effect of inflows and outflows

Why I am calling it, the Ultimate Waterfall chart? Because It takes care of following scenarios.

1. Net Negative Values {crossed the x-axis towards negative side} as in the case of the first example.
2. Negative values in different colors {negative values are in slight less dark than the positive ones, and we can also give entirely different colors to the negative values} as shown in the first example.
3. It can start from zero and build the incremental effect as shown in the second example.
4. It can take care Initial balance and build the incremental effect and give ending balance as shown in the third example

Example1: Waterfall chart for Income Statement

Waterfall Chart


Example2: Waterfall chart for Assets

Waterfall Chart


Example: Waterfall Charts for Cash Flow Statement

Waterfall Chart


To Download the Workbook, Click here

Also see Multiple Columns chart 

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April 13, 2016


  1. I found this link via your posting on Linkedin and thought it would be something interested in better understand. however, when i click on the link, I does not open an excel workbook. is there another way of gaining access?

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