Credit Research will guide you on how to analyze the financial and operating strength of specific borrower. It will help you identify the business risk and the management risk associated with it. It will guide you through a number of ratio analysis which will help you evaluate the financial position and will teach you the credit risks inherent in a wide range of corporate debt instruments.
Credit research process evaluates an applicant’s loan request or a corporation’s debt issue in order to determine the likelihood that the borrower will live up to his/her obligations.
Course Sections
• Overview of Credit Research
• Valuation of Bonds
• Risks associated with Bond investment
• Interest Rate Sensitivity of a Bond
• Yield Curves
• Credit Analysis
• Securitizations
About the Institution
Copal Amba, a leading third party research and analytics provider, set up the Copal Institute in 2011. The Copal Institute seeks to bridge the gap between job market requirements and available trained workforce by imparting skill-based training to enhance domain-specific knowledge. This will equip job aspirants with the necessary skills sets to get placed as well as succeed at their workplaces.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Overview of Credit Research
Describe the Credit Research 00:00:00
Explain the purpose for conducting the Credit Research 00:00:00
State the types of financial institutions that perform credit research 00:00:00
Module 2: Valuation of Bonds
Describe Bonds 00:00:00
List the Types of Bonds and explain them in detail 00:00:00
State the key terms used in Valuations of Bonds 00:00:00
State the differences between debt and liability 00:00:00
Describe the two methods involved in the Valuation of Bonds 00:00:00
Describe the rate of return on a bond 00:00:00
Describe the factors affecting the price volatility of a bond 00:00:00
Module 3: Risks associated with Bond investment
Explain the different kinds of risks associated with bond investment 00:00:00
State the factors that affect the bond’s price sensitivity to changes in market interest rates 00:00:00
Explain the Volatility of Bonds with Different Maturities 00:00:00
Explain the Volatility of Bonds with Different Coupon Rates 00:00:00
Describe the different types of Credit Risks 00:00:00
Understand and describe the Market Risks 00:00:00
Explain the Liquidity Risk, Inflation Risk and Sovereign Risk 00:00:00
Describe the different types of Credit Risks 00:00:00
Explain the Liquidity Risk, Inflation Risk and Sovereign Risk 00:00:00
Module 4: Interest Rate Sensitivity of a Bond
Describe the duration of a Bond 00:00:00
Interpret the duration of a Bond 00:00:00
Calculate the duration of a Bond 00:00:00
Describe the convexity of a Bond 00:00:00
Interpret the convexity of a Bond 00:00:00
Calculate the convexity of a Bond 00:00:00
State the factor specific relationships of a bond (Duration and Convexity) 00:00:00
Explain the use of Duration and Convexity 00:00:00
Module 5: Yield Curves
Describe Yield Curve 00:00:00
Understand and explain the difficulties with immunization procedure 00:00:00
State the reasons for interest rates not changing by the same amount across maturities and bonds 00:00:00
Identify and recognize the different types of Yield Curve 00:00:00
Describe the Slope of the Yield Curve 00:00:00
Explain the different theories of the Term Structure of Interest Rates 00:00:00
Explain the types of Yield Curve Shifts 00:00:00
State the profitability ratios/ Leverage and Coverage Ratios involved under ratio measures while analyzing capacity to pay 00:00:00
State the factors involved in Cash 00:00:00
Module 6: Credit Analysis
Describe the Credit Analysis and list the 4Cs of Credit Analysis 00:00:00
State the quantitative and the qualitative measures involved in analysis of Capacity to pay 00:00:00
Flow Analysis under Capacity to pay 00:00:00
List the factors involved in Collateral Analysis 00:00:00
List the factors involved in Character Analysis 00:00:00
Explain Covenants 00:00:00
State the types of Covenants involved in Credit Analysis 00:00:00
Describe the credit ratings 00:00:00
Module 7: Securitization
Describe the Credit Analysis and list the 4Cs of Credit Analysis 00:00:00
Explain Securitizations 00:00:00
Describe the Securitization process 00:00:00
State the purpose for performing Securitization 00:00:00
List the types of Securitizations 00:00:00
Explain Mortgage Backed Security 00:00:00
List the different types of Mortgage Backed Security 00:00:00
Explain the Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and list their types 00:00:00
Explain Asset Backed securities 00:00:00
Explain Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) 00:00:00

Course Preview

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Any candidate who is a graduate, or is in the final year of graduation, is eligible for the courses.

No, Copal Institute does not guarantee any job for self study courses, each course will provide students the desired skill set to be able to explore themselves in various verticals: financial research, investment banking, investment research (credit and equity), and private equity. These courses will give you potential help in securing jobs across financial services industry.

If someone is unable to clear the final assessment, he/she has to register for the exam again by paying the requisite fee and then re-appear for the test.

Students can register online by filling up the online form and paying through credit cards / debit cards / net banking. Students can also register offline by submitting a demand draft and the duly filled form at our regional centers.

The coursework provided by us includes the following: Reading Material Video Tutorials Reusable, modifiable Excel model templates Live Chat Support to resolve queries and clear the doubts on a real time basis Interactive Check Your Understanding (CYU) questions Home Work (comprising of assignments and submission of projects which will be evaluated by experts through an e-mail correspondence) Final Assessment Test and Certification (are optional depending on individual need of the learner)

Candidate’s details will be maintained in a database at Copal Institute and will be shared with recruitment agencies / potential employers at regular intervals.

1. You can register yourself on our site with any of your existing e-mail id (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail etc.) 2. You can then select the online course of your choice and make the payment either through an NEFT transaction OR through our secured HDFC payment gateway A. If the payment is made through our secured HDFC payment gateway i. You will get the access automatically B. If the payment is made through an NEFT transaction i. You will need to update us with the transaction details and your e-mail address with which you have registered on our site as mentioned in Point No.1 ii. We will align the course to the registered E-mail ID provided by you

A. If the payment is made through our secured HDFC payment gateway i. You will get the access automatically, and you start learning right away B. If the payment is made through an NEFT transaction i. You will need to update us with the transaction details and your e-mail address with which you have registered on our site as mentioned in Point No.1 ii We will align the course to the registered E-mail ID provided by you-It will take few hours – Please note that we work from Monday to Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. You will then receive an acknowledgement mail from us with your Login Credentials and course completion guidelines. You can access this online course anytime (24/7) from anywhere, and can pursue it at your own pace within the registration validity period mentioned in your User Profile.

Final Course Assessment is conducted online only. You can give it anytime (24/7) from any location. However, you need to ensure that you have good internet connectivity so that you can complete it in one instance. You can appear for the Final Assessment after completing all the modules/ lessons, and submitting the Project work within course registration window.

Your assignments will be evaluated by our expert faculties and the feedback would be shared accordingly. We can hold 1 hour doubt clearing session for you each month. This session can be pre-scheduled at a mutually agreed feasible time.

The course content is not downloadable, but we do provide reusable, modifiable Excel model templates and PDF guides to help you with the assignment work. Since, this is an online course therefore you can access the course material anytime (24/7) from anywhere across the globe. However, you need to have good internet connectivity so that you can pursue the course without any hindrance.

You can access the course material during the registration validity ranging from 3 to 6 months. Once the registration validity is over, you will not be able to access the course materials.

We offer Instructor-Led (Classroom) as well as Web-Based (Online) trainings For the Classroom trainings – Hard copy of the course materials are available For the Online trainings – Online study materials are available which can be accessed anytime (24/7) from any location during the course registration window.

Final Course Assessment is conducted online only. It can be given anytime (24/7) from anywhere across the globe. We recommend good internet connectivity so that you are able to complete the test without any hindrance.

You will be given a single attempt to pass the Final Course Assessment. However, in case if you are not able to clear the Final Assessment in the first attempt, you can re-appear for the test by paying the requisite fee.

Yes, you can earn a Certificate of Completion; after doing the following activities: A. Studying all the modules/ lessons B. Submitting the Projects/ Assignments (It takes around 7 business days to evaluate your project work) C. Scoring 60% or more in the online Final Course Assessment

Payment can be made through either of the following mode: A. Online – Credit card/ Debit card / Net banking B. Offline – Cash/ Demand draft deposited at our Gurgaon centre.



Hello Everyone, Copal Institute is one of the best things that happened in my life. The kind of knowledge and training imparted here is unbeatable. I got a chance to be associated with a reputed company like Copal Amba.

I had joined the course “Certificate in Financial Research” in June and the course ended by mid September. I got placed by 25th Sep 2012 in Copal Amba, one of the fastest growing companies in the KPO sector. I will recommend this course to all those who are looking for a bright career in financial analysis and are willing to devote 100% of their time and attention to this training.

Mr. Prakash Sumani is one of the best trainers one can ever come across in his/her life. He is so dedicated for his work. He is always happy to help and guide even after the class is over. The only thing he expects from his students is hard work which is fair enough.

I got what I expected from the course. I believe, I earned much more than what I actually paid. It was a onetime cost but then the benefits that I enjoy are for a lifetime. Before this training, I barely knew anything about Excel, but now I can prepare complex Excel models, all this was possible because of the correct training and guidance. All I can say is any training institute can only guide you; at the end what matters most is your own hard work and dedication.

If you are not giving your 100% then you cannot expect the results to be in your favor.

Neha Sharma

Guys who want to make their career in the field of investment banking research; this is a golden opportunity for you...all you need is to make some sincere efforts to learn things.....

Ankur Gupta

It was a great learning experience at Copal Institute. I got the practical exposure of valuation specially DCF and Relative Valuation technique. All the faculty members have relevant industry experience and are quite helpful.

Training method is excellent. I personally recommend everyone to join the “Certificate in Financial Research” course.

Vidhya Shankar Prasad

I am very thankful to Copal Institute and my faculties. Thank you for always being there and guiding me, and even taking extra efforts to clear my basics first before making me understand anything at a higher level.

From the day I joined Copal Institute till the last day, I can proudly say, “that with every session, my knowledge and skills have improved very much, more than what I acquired from my graduation and post graduation courses”.

The main strength of this course is its curriculum and even more important is the teaching faculty, the best I would say. When you have to be the best, you have to learn from the best, and that is what I got from this Institute.

Whether it is my Excel skills or financial knowledge, now I have got a better understanding and a new perspective. Every faculty is quite knowledgeable, as most of them are working in Copal Amba so they share their work experiences and practical knowledge, which has made the course all the more fruitful for me.

Pankaj Arora

Experience - Good

Learning - Good (I didn’t know most of it before)

Overall - Good

I have successfully been placed with Cians Analytics as an Analyst MIS - Operations.


The trainings provided here covers all that is required to enter the KPO industry

Well experienced faculty, who are both interactive and approachable

One can expect to get placed with Copal Amba and the likes but only when required efforts are in place

Active placement cell, that provides a number of job opportunities

Those 12 weeks are still remembered, as if coming back to college, in a class of 16. Being a fresh commerce graduate (2012) always had the idea (suggested by others) that commerce = finance but never knew what finance is. So I took the plunge and enrolled myself.

My expectation out of the Certificate in Financial Research course:

One can expect to master Excel (never knew these big businesses use Excel so extensively)

Learn how to value a business (the EV which one can find on the Bloomberg's website)

Trading and Transaction Comparables (valuation of business)(Here, you will get to make your own model)

Discounted Cash Flow analysis

An insight into as to what Credit Research and Private Equity is

Sector Analysis, Economic Analysis

Relation between finance and economy

Time value of money

Extensive Ratio Analysis

40% of CFA level 1 - covered

Raaghav Bhatia

Copal Institute has an excellent faculty and teaching methodology with emphasis on practical training. Here, I met and interacted with some of the industry’s bright brains.

Everything worked well for me and I am pleased with how things turned out for me. I got placed in Copal Amba, one of the leading Financial Research firms in India. I attended the full time Financial Research program at Copal Institute last year.

I was working as derivative analyst for about 4 years after an MBA in International Business and CFA.

I wanted to move into investment banking research, and was looking for a short term course which would help me build my Financial Research and analysis skills and also give me an insight into day-to-day life of a financial analyst.

Charandeep Singh Kohli

I take this opportunity to thank the faculties and the management of Copal Institute for honing my skills, and helping me achieve my goal. 'Copal Institute' has emerged as a landmark Institute.

The courses are very comprehensive, covering a wide range of aspects of finance industry. It gave me a good exposure to Financial Modeling. Engaging and prominent lecturers not only match the reputation of the brand 'Copal Institute', but the knowledge being passed on is consistently allowing students to meet their career ambitions as a successful finance professional.

Faculties gave me very good guidance and a lot of moral support. It was all worth being in the Copal Institute.

Lalit Gupta

The work based knowledge and skills imparted at Copal Institute were wonderful. It gave me a complete understanding of the Financial Statements, Trading Comparables and Transaction Comparables.

The trainings on Advanced Excel and Financial Modeling have helped me increase my skill level.

It has made me ready for a career in the financial industry, with clarity of fundamental concepts of Finance and Accounting.

Raveesh Verma

I always suggest that “Copal Institute is the right place for anyone who wants to explore the finance industry.”

It was a “dream come true” for me to get placed in Copal Amba.

When I took admission in Copal Institute, I was a graduate only. I was quite fearful whether I had done the right thing in taking admissions without doing an MBA. When my classes started, I found out that my batchmates were either having 6 years of work experience OR were having an MBA degree. I thought I won’t be able to stand anywhere in comparison to them.

Certificate in Financial Research is a 3 months course, and almost each day a thought crossed my mind “Whether I will be successful or not” and “Will I have to move back without anything”.

The trainers (Prakash Sir, Deepak Sir, Shivani Mam’, Vibha, and Priyanka Mam) have helped me a lot in solving my problems. They have trained me on each and every aspect of the finance industry. The hard work of Copal Institute truly reflects.

Ashish Jain

I would recommend this course to all those who want to excel their knowledge in Investment banking, Equity Research and Credit Research. Copal Institute offers "Excellent Practical Knowledge in Finance".

Hello Friends,

I am Milan Luthra…and I joined Copal Institute (Weekend batch) in December 2012… I did my graduation ( from Delhi University (and only I know how I did that...)

Anyways, I did Certificate in Financial Research course from the Copal Institute.

Talking about the faculty, Mr. Prakash Sumani is one of the best trainers Copal Institute has today as far as dedication, honesty, knowledge and guidance are concerned. Being a graduate, I wanted to have more exposure in finance. Earlier, I hardly had any Excel knowledge, and now I am able to create the financial models on my own.

After the completion of my course, Copal Institute helped me get placed at Copal Amba, one of the best Financial Research companies in India. It also assisted in the placements outside Copal Amba. Few of my classmates got placed in Deloitte, WNS, Ernst & Young and many other financial firms.

Milan Luthra

I take immense pleasure in attesting my association with Copal Institute. It's only due to the strong association and relation that has helped me in achieving the position of a Sr. Analyst in Copal Amba.

Being a part of the Copal Institute, I have learnt almost all the relevant concepts of Investment Banking and feel confident to use my skills in Financial Modeling. I have always received the complete support and cooperation in understanding the course curriculum. It has not only provided me with the theory, but has also helped with the practice sessions on the complete projects.

The course has also covered the soft skills training which has helped me present my projects in a better way. I shall always be thankful to all the trainers and members of the institute who have helped me learn the core dynamics of the industry.

Kaustubh Sharma

I will rate joining Copal Institute as one of the best decisions of my life. I have grown at Copal Institute not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of personality.

Having being well trained at Copal Institute, I feel at par with my team members at Copal Amba in terms of overall knowledge.

This training has helped me realize my dream of working in the field of financial research. The well-structured course content and the style of teaching are a few things that I admire the most about Copal Institute.

I firmly believe that the training and the knowledge imparted by Copal Institute is the best that one could get. The faculty at Copal Institute not only provided me with a platform to learn and understand practical aspects of financial research, but, also prepared me for the future interviews.

We were encouraged to be updated with current economic scenarios and events on a weekly basis, which further enhanced my understanding and knowledge of finance and economy as a whole.

Abhimanyu Agrawal

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